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Bullying: What Do You Tel Your Kids To Do?

Bullying happens everywhere. It happens at school, work, and on the internet. I recently read an article about where a man's son was suspended because he stood up to his bully at school. The school was said to have no policy for bullying.

What do you tell your kids to do in the case of bullying? I would tell my kids that if someone was hitting them or beating them up, to hit them back. At least I would know that my child is standing up for himself. I would be okay with him getting suspended then. I don't want my child growing up and not being able to stand up for himself.

Do you think the school should have a policy on bullying? I think it should. All of these schools nowadays want to do away with bullying to try to minimize suicide and depression. Kids don't have to be homosexual to be teased and picked on. They could hang out with the wrong people or not the right people. Thye could drink and still not be cool enough. They could chose to go down the right road, and still be made fun of.

If you have been bullied, seen kids being bullied, or have done it yourself, please go to www.bullying.org to find out more.

As kids, you want to be just like mommy and daddy. As teenagers and adults, you want to be nothing like your parents. It's kind of funny how life turns around within just a couple of years. You want to get out and do your on thing when you get older, but that was everyone growing up. Of course, throughout your life, you find out the little things you do, your parents actually did or do to. It's kind of funny how that is. Like mother like daughter, like father like son :)

What is something you do that your parents do? I find myelf saying things my mom would say, yelling like her, and acting like her in every sense of the way. I cannot escape my mom. I look like her. I didn't pick up everything from her. I don't clean or wash clothes like her, because she doesn't do it. And me and my dad do. So rethink it when you say "I don't act like my parents."

Do You Take The Credit All The Time?

Do you take the credit for something you did, even if it benefits someone else? I would have to say everyone does that even if they say that they aren't. Take for instance, you mop the spill up in the bathroom, so you wouldn't slip and fall. That benefited everyone else who came into the bathroom that day. Say you changed the tire on the car because it was getting flat and you didn't want to have to be stuck on the side of the road with a flat. You benefited your wife/husband/kids from having the deal the same fate.

I am honest and if someone is going to ask me about something, then I am going to tell them "Um, I did it for myelf but I can keep on doing it for you to!" It's not so hard to lend a helping hand sometimes even though you think it's all for you. Think about something you can do in your own house that will benefit for someone else.

Shower or Nap?

You have a lot of free time after you get off work. Let's say your normal routine is get home, take a shower, and then take a nap before you go and make dinner for your family. Then something changes one Friday night. Your co worker want to go out for a drink. You don't have time to go home, get a shower, and then take a nap. What do you do?


I would take a shower. It will not kill me not to take a nap because even though I am tired, I will wake up from the shower plus when I get to talking with friends. Life can be tiring but who isn't tired. Shame on all of you who says nap! haha :) I'm just kidding. It's whatever you prefer.

Writing Books Might Just Be My Saving Grace

After watching The Last Song, I was telling myself, Nicholas Sparks has a talent. I have always loved to write and now I am beginning to wonder if I have a hidden talent behind all of the insecurities I have. What could I write about? I am fixing to start working on Book #2. They may not make it to the #1 spot or anything near it but at least I know that I did it!

My first book is about me and how I deal with things. Also I give advice about how to handle things the right way, so you will not end up like me and spend your life wondering about why do you even try! The book talks about my high school years and what I did to survive and what I did to hurt myself. My book is mostly directed to the 13 to 18 year range but anyone can read my book and get inspired. I hope I can get it published by the end of this year.

My second book I haven't come up with yet. I have ideas down but you always love it when your friends help you out with it. My parents seem to think this is just a passing phase but what if I keep thinking that as well? I would never get anything done. My first book was on hold because of them putting me down and just blowing it off, like it was a piece of paper floating in the wind. I know I can do this and when I do I am going to have a huge weight lifted off of my chest. I have been wanting to write for awhile and now I have the opportunity to. It will take me awhile but I can do it!

I need help on some ideas so if you have any at all, tell me in the comment section on Blogger, comment me on Facebook, or send me an email at hannah2oh2@hotmail.com

My dreams are at hand. I have found where I belong :)

Writer's Block: I'm in love with my car

If you could have any car in the world, what would it be?

It would have to be a 1965 baby blue Mustang. I have always loved the older Mustangs more than the new ones. As for a car of today's style, I would have to have a Pearl White Range Rover :)

Hello Everyone!

HELLO EVERYONE! I am back and more than ready to get back to my blogging again. I have taken a little time off and started another blog, got off of it, started another one that I am more into, and now I am ready to start back with this one.These blogs are going to be more harsher and more than likely more hardcore. Stick around for more fun and laughter, harsh and unsettling words, and more of the fabulous Hannah :)


Sorry guys, but I am leaving LJ. I have a new blog on Tumblr and I like it more than LJ. Plus it's more prettier. You can join Tumblr for free and it's really great. So if you still want to catch up with me and things:

1. Got to www.tumblr.com
2. Sign up!
3. Follow me just like Twitter:)

Hope to see you guys on Tumblr!

October 3 - Can't Win for Losing

When you're told to do something , you do it, right? I sure thought you did, but apparentely I'm wrong. I had a very important person tell me that I needed to have everything approved through him for out drama team. Of course, I listened to him. What happens? He gets mad about it. He has been getting mad about this for the past two weeks. It doesn't make any sense. He told me to handle everything on my own a few week agobut if I handle it on my own, he will get mad because I didn't run it through him first, and if I aks him about it, he will get mad. Like I said, can't win for losing.

I'm still holding strong for Andrew. I don't care how long it takes, but I will wait! I'm hoping he will be the ONE! I'm praying he will be!

I had a friend's dad tell me last night that there was probably no other guy like his daughter's husband. I actually laughed out loud! This guy is a 26 year old who plays video games and drinks beer. I have to say, Andrew, the guy I like, is WAY better than this other guy. Andrew is level headed, has a heart of gold, and on top of that, A YOUTH PASTOR! The other guy, J, doesn't even go to church! Can you see where I am going with this?I SO wanted to tell her dad that Andrew was WAY MORE than J but I hope he will  figure that out himself. I am happy that there are better guys out there than J. Andrew makes me happy by just thinking about him. I think I can finally say I have found the ONE! And he doesn't even know it:)